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Why (and when to) send Thank You cards?

Thank you cards carry such mystery, they always prompt questions about etiquette and rules. Is it rude to not send thank you cards? Are thank you notes outdated? When to send thank you cards? When is it TOO LATE to send thank you cards? We think the best thank you cards are the ones that are sent with intention. The thank you card etiquette time frame isn’t really REAL. We think it’s important to send thoughtful thank you cards, not just cards you feel obligated to send. And for when you do feel thankful and you want to express that thanks, we’ve got you covered. We have creative thank you cards, elegant thank you cards, minimalist thank you cards, green thank you cards (eco friendly gift cards or simply the color), and we have more cards coming! We’ve got the tools to send gifts to multiple address so if you’re feeling extra thankful, bring it on.