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How to spell congratulations (and congratulate someone)

When you’re looking for congratulations cards, there’s a lot of reasons to celebrate (like right now, when you searched “congratulations cards” and spelled congratulations – bonus points if you said it out loud) and it can be hard to find the perfect card to fit. We’ve made it easy to find cards for important life events, professional congratulations cards, graduation congrats cards, job well done cards, wedding congratulations cards, engagement congratulations cards, and even cards on how to congratulate someone on coming out! Phew, we all got a lot of practice in spelling “congratulations” and honestly, that’s worth congratulating. Sending cards may seem like nice gestures or a small token of appreciation but something as simple as a card can keep you reconnecting with old friends and pouring into the people you care about. What we’re saying is whoever you want to congratulate, however you want to congratulate them, we’re here to help.