We are the pen pals, the card senders, and the gift-giving-is-our-love-language kind of people.

About us

We’ve sat down in the aisle at the drugstore, looking for that perfect card; we’ve waited in long lines to mail our carefully packaged gifts that we *hope* make it safe and sound; and we’ve sent that boring e-gift card that got lost in someone’s spam.

We’ve all been there. And we decided to never be there again. So what did we do? We made PS Post!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Living in Colorado and enjoying the incredible beauty of this great world has given us a deep sense of commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. We care about our planet and we know you do too; so we are always working to make our products and process as sustainable as possible.

Reducing Plastic

Traditional gift cards often aren’t recyclable because they’re usually made of plastic that can’t be broken down; we’re here to change that. The printed QR code in our cards, your gift, keep those plastic gift cards from even having to be made.

Using Recycled Papers

The physical cards that you’ll send (and hopefully receive) are made using 100% recycled paper to help reduce waste and greenhouse emissions.

Keller Anne with card

Gifts worth giving with cards they’ll want to hold on to.

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