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Why mail birthday cards?

If you’re looking for cute birthday cards, or a best friend birthday card, or even a simple birthday card, you’re in the right place. Well, you’re on the right page that is. Before you find yourself searching for how to mail a birthday card, let us help! All you need to do here is browse through our unique birthday cards for him, contemporary birthday cards, sentimental birthday cards, and our beautiful happy birthday cards and find the perfect one for your person. Then you can fill in your message, no more wondering how to sign birthday cards, and select a gift (if you want to but we think you might if you’re looking for long distance gifts for friends). You can choose a zero waste gift for whatever amount to their favorite store (we’ll print a QR code gift card on the inside of the card) and then you’re ready to go. A few clicks and you can enter the address and check out. Your order will be carefully printed on eco friendly paper, sealed, and popped in the mail and in no time your person will open their mailbox to find a beautiful envelope. Check Check Check – no more CVS aisles of cards, no more plastic gift cards or e-gifts that get lost in the spam folder. The answer to so many questions including “how to celebrate birthdays long distance” is PS Post.