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How to thoughtfully express your sympathies?

Try as we might, there is no avoiding disappointment or loss. When that disappointment or loss happens to someone we care about we’re left with so many questions like “how to say sorry for your loss”, “how to address a sympathy card”, “when is it too late to send a sympathy card”, “what is an appropriate sympathy gift” and “do you put money in a sympathy card”. We have some answers and we’re on the same page (this page, the one you’re on right now). We have funny sympathy cards, unique sympathy cards, and sympathy cards that we wish we had received when we experience loss or disappointment of our own. Choose the card that fits your situation best, add a gift (if you want) for them to enjoy (we recommend a food delivery gift card so they won’t have to eat another casserole), write your message and enter their address, we’ll take care of the rest. We even make it easy to send gifts to multiple addresses. Each PS Post card is printed just for you and sent in a beautiful envelope destined for their mailbox. Loss and disappointment may be unavoidable but showing the people you care about that you’re here for them (even when you’re far away) doesn’t have to be difficult.