The Best Way to Celebrate a Birthday

Wondering how to surprise someone on their birthday?

Celebrate them the way they want to be celebrated of course!

The way you want your birthday celebrated is so important.

When we were growing up, my brother and I had completely opposite approaches to celebrating our birthdays. 

I love my birthday. My best friend & I have celebrated half birthdays every year since we were 6 years old. I wanted a birthday week —better yet— a whole month.

My brother is like the character Ron Swanson (from the show Parks & Rec) when it comes to his birthday. It’s a sacred day — to not receive any attention whatsoever. The only time he wants the spotlight is when he is performing his music solo or with a band. I’ll probably get a call from him for even mentioning his birthday in a public blog (sorry bro!!! ily!).

An accurate comparison of how differently my brother and I celebrate ⤵️



My brother:


At PS Post, we believe the best way to honor someone’s birthday is to celebrate them how they want to be celebrated. 

We’re expanding our birthday card selection so you can send a card that suits them best. Take a look at some of our newest birthday cards below!

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For that someone who loves cheerful party decorations:

For the person who brightens your day, no matter what:

For someone who appreciates a simple birthday card and classic message: 

Birthday wishes across the miles- birthday card etiquette

Birthdays are such a wonderful moment to put your loved one front and center (physically or metaphorically, of course!). How do they feel most loved? Most appreciated? 

Share a favorite memory between the two of you, or celebrate one of their best character traits! Remember – even a simple “I’m thinking of you today,” can go a long way.

How to send a birthday card in the mail

We all want to know how to make birthday cards easy, especially for long distance birthday celebration ideas. PS Post is here to make sending personalized greeting cards a breeze. 

With PS Post, simply choose your favorite card, write your message, add a gift card if you want, and then tell us where to mail your card! Send real mail, ordered right from your phone.

More birthday cards to choose from:

So what card did I send my brother this year? Hint: it was a unique birthday cards for him, though not a birthday card!

Tossing confetti in your direction, 
The PS Post team

P.S. You deserve a little break. Might we suggest taking a few minutes to wiggle along to this birthday-related musical banger? We guarantee you’ll smile! (Note: positive message, NSFW lyrics).