The Best Ways to Recognize Your Team this Employee Appreciation Day

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Our Favorite Ideas for Employee Appreciation Gifts

Plus: top 3 tips of what to write in an employee appreciation card

Monday, February 27, 2023[7 min read]

Heads up to all employers, managers, team leaders, and small business owners!
Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 3!

When was the last time someone recognized you for your efforts? We hope it was recently. It feels good when someone sees your hard work & lets you know! 

Employees, too, want to be noticed! “Recognition at Work” is regularly listed as a top factor in employee satisfaction and retention. Through meaningful recognition and appreciation, managers can cultivate a more positive work culture where employees feel valued and respected.

While employees need to know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated throughout the year, Employee Appreciation Day is a prime opportunity to show your employees how much you value their hard work and contributions to the company. Celebrating your employees authentically and meaningfully is one of the best ways to create a positive work culture and increase employee satisfaction.

How to Show Employees You Care: Meaningful Recognition

When it comes to showing appreciation, authenticity is key. Employees are more likely to recognize and appreciate genuine efforts of recognition than those that seem forced or disingenuous.

Over the course of our careers, our team members have received some very nice employee appreciation gifts … as well as a few strange ones! (One of our team members once received old promotional swag from another company that was found in a storage closet!)

There are many ways to make employees feel appreciated, but the most memorable (and positive!) employee appreciation days we’ve experienced all have one thing in common – authenticity.

The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.
– Robin S. Sharma

One simple but easy way to connect with your employees and show your appreciation? Greeting cards. Writing personalized cards to your employees is a cost-effective but highly meaningful way to demonstrate your appreciation.

If you’re wondering how to make employees feel valued, imagine getting a personal note from your boss calling out ways you add value to the organization. How important would that make you feel? Writing employee appreciation thank you cards can go a long way in building or strengthening a working relationship!

Best Employee Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Want to give staff appreciation gifts to show your gratitude? We’re here to help you with top-tier employee appreciation gift ideas. Employee Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to thank your employees with a small token of your appreciation.  

What gifts do employees want most for Employees Appreciation Day? Hint: it isn’t another branded mug.

One gift that employees report loving? Gift cards! Gift cards are an ideal way to show your appreciation, as they are both cost-effective and highly valued gifts. According to a recent PWC survey, 84% of consumers prefer gift cards over any other type of present. 

Gift cards are another great employee appreciation day ideas for remote employees.  Giving a gift card for employee appreciation day allows staff to choose something they will truly enjoy, which is a great way to make employees feel valued.  

What to Write in an Employee Appreciation Card:
Our Top 3 Suggestions

Ready to write staff thank you notes?  Here are our top tips for employee appreciation card templates to get you started:

1. Express your gratitude

Make sure to express your gratitude for their hard work and dedication. Acknowledging that their hard work and commitment made a positive impact on the company will make them feel appreciated and valued.

    • “We appreciate your commitment to excellence – you make our workplace a better place.”
    • “We are so grateful for all the talents you bring to our team – iron sharpens iron; Our team is better because of you.”

2. Personalize it:

Be sure to include specific examples of employee achievements or actions that you have noticed and appreciate. Think about a project that went well, their commitment to stepping in to help out when needed, or a time they positively influenced the team. This will show that you took the time to think about their efforts and recognize the impact they have made. It’s the little things that make employees feel appreciated.

    • “Working together on the [project name] with [partner organization or teammate] was such a blast, thanks to your perfectly-curated work playlists keeping us going!”

    • “Everything hit the fan the day before the event, but you fostered a sense of calm & confidence the moment you stepped in. I knew then it was going to be a fantastic event. And it was!”

    • “Your enthusiasm, positive energy, and endless quirky trivia facts lift up the whole team.”

3. End with a positive message:

End the card with a positive message that encourages the employee to keep up the hard work. This will show them that you believe in them and trust them to continue to make a positive impact on the company.

    • “Here’s to an even more successful 2023! “

    • “Your growth as a leader this past year has been incredible to watch – I can’t wait to see where we go next! “

    • “You’re a fantastic asset to our team. We’re lucky to have you”

Then sign your name, and you’re done!

Don’t stress about finding the perfect string of words to put together. The fact that you’re putting pen to paper (er… or keyboard to screen with PS Post!) means a lot. Thing about the joy they’re going to feel when they see your envelope standing out among the stack of bills and junk. You’ve got this!

Our Favorite Cards for Employee Appreciation Day

PS Post makes it easy to send Employee Appreciation Day cards. Find your favorite appreciation card for employees across a variety of different styles. Write your message, add their address, and then you’re done!

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